Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh Brother... What I would have done as a kid.

Check out this story.

Seems an old lady finally got busted for keeping a kid's ball. When I grew up near Frisco (as in San Francisco, Stephanie) we would sometimes intentionally hit or throw a ball into an old lady's yard only to stir up the hornets' nest that lived in the house.

I lived in a court and we had a few choices. There was the Japanese lady's house on one side of the street, the crazy one with the handicapped parking place in front of her house so no one would park there and then the one in the middle of the block who was real nice until I gave her the finger out of fun.

How many balls we lost or how many times we got yelled at in the street playing baseball or football, trashing bushes, grass... flowerbeds... breaking slats off of fences recovering our balls. And we'd have them taken, like that was gonna stop us. I think one time we actually mimed baseball without a ball we could get yelled at.

If I were this kid, I would not have had the old lady arrested. I would have done the flaming dog poop bag or the rotten fruit in the mail box trick.

The good ole days.

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