Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life After...

Well I got all the stuff broken down and ready to go... mostly. I need to empty some trash. Get a U Haul. I am nearly ready to go... There is still the part of moving and making sure people show up to help.

I signed for the new place today. Out from the rat race into the countryside. A whole new (old) life back near "home". Back to the giant rocks, large yards and Republicans! :) And a place to lend my heart.

One of the last things I said tonight here was that I was taking my wine glasses and I got this, "Oh no you can't" look along with her saying "no...sorry". I mean she doesn't even drink wine. Instead of really getting mad, I did a double take on the look. It was like she really didn't want to say what she was saying. She is keeping all the other stuff in the cabinet but for some reason I couldn't have my glasses either. They were a gift from... my sister in law? Wait a second... I asked why and got the "She doesn't want you to have them anymore." speech.

It is pointless to turn this into a fight. It is such a little thing like stemless wine glasses. I mean, is that what revenge is supposed to be? Are you even supposed to take out revenge on someone? And is that how "they" are going to reach out to me? By intentionally ripping me a new asshole over some old gift? I feel like smashing them and mailing them back in little pieces but I won't because I am bigger than that.

How do you un-gift a gift?

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