Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You Suck!!!

Uggh... So I got Elijah tonight. And he needed new shoes. An Apple Computer needed a new charger and gosh darn it, Elijah needed some trains for his Thomas the Train set.

So I walked with the boy through the mall with the first stop being Apple. And you wouldn't know we were in a pre-Obama "Oh God!! He's gonna be President" recession which is the real reason why people are losing jobs and tightening their belts...


Anyhow... there is only one Apple Store in this town. And you have to go there when shit breaks on your Apple Computer. So Elijah and I are standing there waiting to be helped on. And that is the biggest problem at the Apple Store. There is no freaking rules. No order... it's a bunch of people playing with computers and iPods and a bunch of "techs" or customer service people standing around with their thumbs up their ass. There is no register... no line... no place to really get help unless you annoy the shit out of someone having a conversation.

So I finally got the "how can I help you?" from a dude that was the spitting image of a homeless Jesus.

"Um yeah... I need a power chord for a Mac Book... a 13 inch G4... an old one with the different thing on the end now than you have on these power chords?"

"Oh..." the guy says, "65 Watts?"


So the guy goes in back where they keep everything and brings back which I later found out at home was the wrong one (but that is another story and not really my problem now is it? j/k)

So the guy gets this little wireless scanner out after complaining there is no one ringing people up. Like you could fucking tell, without a register or anything that resembles a line and y'all wear the same freaking shirts.

So... the guy swipes my bank card.


"What?" "Run it again?"

"I can't", he says..."Store policy..."

I say... "The thing is broken... It's broken, has to be."

"do you have another card..."

Fine.... I reach into my George Castanza wallet and get another card.


WTF? I paid the bill this is bullshit.

I tell the guy his reader is broken and he denies it. And then he argues...


At this time, I put Elijah down and hope he starts climbing on the iMacs and shit. I just sit there staring at my wallet, daring to hand him the Best Buy rewards card to see if that works. C'mon Elijah... break something, I thought.

So he decides to try the "wired" register and we head over and guess what, low and behold... it fucking works the first time. Amazing.

Steve Jobs, you suck... Fix your shit before you unleash it on the public would you please???

We left the store and got Elijah some cool shoes at Stride Rite and I got him some trains. Kay Bee Toys has Thomas the Train at 50% off right now... Awesome!!!

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