Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm just a soul whose intentions are good...

Gold star for any of you that name the song that line comes from.

Today is August 18th. I drove to work and I worked and I drove home.

In between all that, I paid $2.73 a gallon for gas for a $45 tank fill, had triple Venti Mocha, thought it was hilariously funny that Jim Rome referred to Terrill Owens as "to" instead of T.O. I saw numerous entrepenuers who were quite friendly. Had lunch that had fries made from sweet potatos. (Not so good) I realized 11 hours was too long to be away from home and that the dog probably had it "tied in a knot" if a female dog could ever do so. (Thanks to Katie for watching the dog stack the log cabins) The dog freaking hates me but will bow and beg and pretty much be a total spazz when I have a milkbone in my hand. Today is day 5 of Kristen being away. The mail is stacked high, so are the dishes and OH CRAP THE PLANTS!!!....

I am back... I figured tonight I needed to update my blog solely for the entertainment of others (myself) and that I'd just sit back, set a timer and start typing until it ends. Unfortunately that timer is a figment of my imagination. (You did visualize it too) If it was, I'd set it for 5 minutes. The homemade burritos for dinner took 2 minutes to make. 1 minute to stuff the tortillas and 1 to nuke them into oblivion. Our microwave is so cool, I just never use it.

I downloaded "The Animals" Greatest Hits (hint: my idea for the title of this post) the other night off of "I-tunes" (Just 50 bucks for 5 clicks and 5 albums worth of music is on your I-Pod in 6 minutes tops) Freaking technology. Making it easier to shop and spend money. I think I-Tunes should have an icon featuring a degenerate with numerous facial piercings so it is reminiscent of what it was like to go to a conventional music store like Tower Records. They can blast gansta rap too while it's downloading. Last downloads: The Animals, Travis, System of a Down (I lost their second album to a thief), Mike Ness (Under the Influences) and my own personal attempts at covering songs with my guitar. They sound good and I thought about putting my own music onto a Podcast here at "Steve's Blog" but I think the lawyers would linch me.

The last thing this country needs right now is Cindy Sheehan. I think that statement says it all. Say what you please but that's the truth. The news about her is deafening.

I went to a "neighborhood meeting" on traffic reduction in my ancient neighborhood. We had it at the elementary school nearby. The school looked very old but had a lot of new shiny stuff in it. Dude, their flag had only 48 stars. I found that at nearly 32, I am the youngest person in my 'hood that gives a rat's ass about traffic. I never knew speed bumps, landscaping and stop signs posed such a threat. This neighbor down the street complained about white and orange sports cars getting sideways on his corner. I think the neighbors were fighting to make this a gated community but I was not exactly sure. It was funny, old ladies knew the exact speed people travelled when cutting through the 'hood which was always 100mph. The actual clocked speed is 37 but I digress. I stood up and suggested that we use the city's money to install numerous pay phones and billboards for AAA to advertise on. After that we all purchase bullet proof tires which would be paid for by AAA's advertising. Once we had them all installed, we'd sprinkle nails and schrapnel throughout the neighborhood streets. It would be rough and loud for a couple of weeks but once the tow trucks cleared them all out, the neighborhood would be clear of traffic. (That sounded funnier last night) I only went to the meeting for one reason: Liberals are fun to watch. I watched how they volunteered to water plants in the newly constructed planters filled with species of plants that thrive naturally in the area and how they formed commitees on pollution and environmental impacts of the asphalt used to contruct the speed bumps, the percentage of non-renewable fuels used in the heavy equipment to make those speed bumps, and the micro-organisms that make up the little world under the street. Number one reason why they were against speed bumps? Public Transit using the streets would have more wear and tear. Yet they don't see the value in stopping the teenager blasting is stereo in his Honda Civic, with the primered fenders and fiberglass wings and what not from speeding through but showed more concern for the sick, old and poor that had no choice but to use the Public Transit. I seriously got visions of old people standing in the rain at a bus stop waiting patiently for a bus that had a busted rear axle around the corner that they couldn't see. Damn these people are passionate. Truth be told, my neighborhood, voted 77% for Kerry in the last election leaving 20% of us voting for Bush. 3% voted for Nader? How the hell did that happen? On the way back I noticed those stupid "Bush Lied" notices stuck on every Volvo. We get to have an election for the proposed traffic calming measures. Unfortunately the city council can override us. Freaking bureaucracies...

And that right there is how most of these posts are written. I cut the fluff from the beginning and start rambling.

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