Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What's up with that?

Well... Here's some more proof that France hates the US. A French report came out today in their daily mag, L'Equipe detailing Lance Armstrong supposed doping for the 1999 Tour de France. I am not going into details about what they have said, but you can read about it yourself. It's kind of disgusting really. Especially the part where the lab, separate from L'Equipe indicates that:

Separately, the lab said it could not confirm that the positive results were Armstrong's. It noted that the samples were anonymous, bearing only a six-digit number to identify the rider, and could not be matched with the name of any one cyclist.

The rest of the article is complete bullshit because the Frenchy-mag has been targetting Armstrong for years because he beat them at their race. Why didn't France just ban him? Oh that's right... Because he didn't do anything wrong. But, because one sample fails, it's got to be his.

This post is now about heroes. We all have them in life and in history. They're sportsmen, historic political leaders, fireman, policman, US Miltary fighting over seas, public servants, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends teachers, coaches, musicians, actors, and any all people whom I haven't mentioned that qualify as a heroes. Anyone however defined as a hero has a weakness. That weakness, no matter how faint or how intense is the jealousy of others. Some are never bothered about their heroism because many never hear about the speculation from the jaded opinion of others. Other heroes are so great, that any hint of a flaw sends an absolute wrecking ball out to smash their popularity into public ridicule. The problem here is that Lance, as heroic as he is, can not have an absolute win. He cannot climb this mountain because these French imbeciles are only intent on bring him down to nothing. Lance has too much power for them. Lance has what they can never have. It is only shear jealousy that motivates a magazine like L'Equipe. We has humans beings, as residents of the world, need to say no to this garbage. What more must this man over come? The 7 tours over the Pyrrenees, multi-organ cancer, and a death bed seem much easier than the freaking liberal media.

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