Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And The Blog Goes On....

One of my all time favorite songs, performed by it's writer...

At one time, my story paralleled the tale in this song. Up until I was like 23. The words verbatim seem to fit my life at the time. Yeah... but then I grew up. I think. It was a good reason though to pick up a guitar and give it a go.

Life changes so much, it's extremely perplexing. I had a real big moment of clarity tonight when I was sitting with my sister in law and Elijah, all strapped into his swing. See, Elijah was sitting there smiling away and staring at us and I picked up my guitar and started playing. Nothing too complex, just some blues riffs and Elijah was totally into it. First looking at my strumming hand, then my chord hand, and then back, as he attempted to dance and jump around. He was totally wide-eyed, just sitting back and admiring. It felt... well good!! I have enjoyed an occasion like this before with him and my guitar but for some reason... He was just into it. It was different than just some smiles and giggles. It looked like pure admiration.

It's like: Wow... I have a fan. :)

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