Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Heroes: I Am A Closet Fan

Yeah... I am a closet fan. I am coming out to my readers and saying hey, I freaking enjoy the show "Heroes". Monday's episode turned a great series into a classic series. Sure (and I won't spoil it) we watched how each episode darts back and forth between each character's storyline all leading up to this big event. And we've waited for what 10 weeks now for Hiro Nakamura to get that sword which he still does not have. That story line alone is turning me into a kid again. The kid I was when I saw Voltron or something the first time.

Nothing prepared me for what I saw in Episode 17, "The Company Man". We saw the origins of Claire, her father and the Haitian. But what the hell was Hiro's father(George Takai from Star Trek) doing in that flashback? Any speculators out there? Does he know Hiro's power? We know who Claire's real father is. And where will she go from here?

Uggh... I can't wait. It's like weekly crack, and I want it so bad. The suspense is killing me. If you haven't watched you can see all the episodes on nbc.com for free.

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