Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sucking Your Life Away!!

I recently purchased the Civilization IV computer game. Talk about a time waster, holy crap! I learned about Civilization back in college when the first one came out. We'd all play it for hours, coming up with strategies and ways to win the thing out right, even at the hardest levels. In it's basic form, it was fun to create civilizations that would take over the world from the beginning of time at 4000 BC to 2050 AD.

Then it was Civ II a few years later. This one had a multimedia aspect to it and it included cheats so when you were really bored or stuck, you could max it out and destroy the world. The game had more personality and it had a lot of bugs. You could create overwhelmingly strong armies that could not be challenged by any world power.

Later on came Civ III. I got this when I bought my first Apple computer a couple of years ago. Graphically it was fun, but this game proved to be the hardest of the four games for me. Many times I spent hours, thinking I was totally dominating only to find my score did not even register at the end. How could you take on the world and get nothing?

Civ IV though is much better. Even though it has been out for a few years, it's still new to me. You can play the game differently every time. I like the religious aspects too where you can use religion to take over the world, which makes the game for challenging to receive a cultural victory. But this game will suck your life away. It's nice having a laptop that is powerful enough to play it, so I can play it in bed. This game was built for my style because I typically play a strong economy the whole game so I can buy the shit I need to take over. I also like the "Great People" that you can create to expand your power and borders.

Good stuff....

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