Friday, April 06, 2007


All I can say is... if you liked Sin City and all of the Tarantino movies, go see this double feature. Two movies for the price of one. I am not a spoiler and I will not spoil this film for anyone. All I can say is, Rodriguez and Tarantino brought this 70's genre back in a good way. The only thing I wish is that Tarantino would have used a green Mustang Fastback instead of the White Challenger for one of the chase scenes.

We both had the day off and Elijah was at day care so we went to the first showing. Besides my wife, the crowd that came to see this flick resembled my demographic to the tee. White, mid 20's to mid 30's white male. All laughing together. Weren't too many woman. One brought a baby which is pretty foolish after seeing the first part.

The movie is basically two shows with different stories. The only common denominator is that Rose Macgowan is in both and Tarantino acts in both. Some minor characters appear in both and even some from past Tarantino movies that you won't realize until well after you saw it. You'll be like, "Wasn't he that character in that other movie" Or "hey that person played the same role" kinda stuff. Lots of surprise cameos.

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