Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday 4:30 PM: The Great Washing Machine Odessey

So... like, um... on Friday... I discovered my washing machine was broke. The tranny was blown. The agitator was not working. We were screwed. Baby clothes. Our clothes. Nothing. I quickly packed a bag of business clothes for the weak and headed to the "retreat" in Tahoe to wash clothes. (I like saying that... We don't have a retreat and we already planned to be there... I just brought laundry).

Anyhow... Don't buy from Best Buy. I requested a delivery at 4:30 today. I paid $40 to pick my day. I wanted it at this specific time. But noooooo.... They wanted to deliver yesterday. We told them no... come today at the required $40 pre-selected time of 4:30 pm. So what happens? I get a call at 2pm , "Hey man, this is Best Buy is anyone home so we can deliver?" No dude, I am not at home and I specifically said 4:30; TODAY!!!

So like, what happens? Well... I'll tell you. But actually, this other dude calls first at 2:45PM and says he is outside my house. "What the f---?" I say..,. "READ THE F-KING receipt ya bastard, 4-freaking 30."

"Uhh... " the guy blirts, "I am two hours from home in Livermore and I have to wait?"

"Fuck yeah!!! You freaking wait. 4:30 pm..." is what I said. (as my sister in laws eyes burn out from my F-Bombs they are reading here). So the darling wife is home... right now. As I type... Dealing with this nasty situation that is snowball-spiraling into an incredible shit storm of Homer-rrifc proportions (hence the title, Odyssey) because... because.... because...

The freaking door to the washing machine is smashed into pieces!! So here we are, pretty much fuct at this point... no washer and a huge issue for Best Buy. I swear to God, if I have to go there on Saturday, I am getting a free Nintendo Wii for my troubles... Not to mention my $40 back. I feel like that kid from "Better Off Dead" with the whole, "I want my $2" thing that John Coussak had to deal with before that skiing competition. (Lawryde and Lawryde's wife... that is an 80's movie that is quite funny. You remember the 80's don't you?)

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