Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My God!! What Have I Done!!

Since manini mentioned my sidebar profile I thought I'd post the song to give an explanation.

I think we all go through life feeling each one of these things David Byrne talks about, how we question ourselves at each stage and then expressing our guilt over it. This song may be a little old for the lawryde clan with their Nirvaners and their Rages against the Machiners or what ever you people listen too. (You people...lol) I wanna get an over-sized suit and 3 friends and go as the Talking Heads for Halloween with me being David Byrne of course. Then once everyone discovers how cool we are... we'll break up and leave the party!! Anyone see them at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame? Almost as gripping as Pink Floyd at Live 8. (Waters looked pissed off)

Anyhow for the rest, I am sick... again... for the 4th time in 6 weeks. So it goes stomach flu, then bronchitis then to a mild stomach flu and finally the big case of bronchitis. I think have like 7 active prescriptions. I am like an old woman... sans the hormone pills. But it's all good. I am happy.

D-Day is Thursday. More on that in hopefully graphic detail on Thursday morning!! Let's just say it involves a 6 inch needle and my spine!!!

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