Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spinal Tap Results Are In!!

Well... At this point I don't have MS. Spinal fluid was totally clear and has nothing wrong. I am completely healthy. No meningitis. No weird genetic disorder. Just healthy. My MRI's from last year were clear too so this sort of backs that up.

At this point, all of you precious readers of mine, will tell me how awesome and what relief it is to know that I am healthy. And you are right, it is a bit of relief that I don't have something that could degenerate me into a wheel chair or prevent me from tossing a baseball with Elijah.

However... The pain didn't just stop with those results. I sit in my office today, and I really didn't do shit. I got dressed up and saw a big customer and now I'm back home. Felt fine when I got up, fine when I left, fine when I got home. But I have bounced around from my office to go upstairs and answer the phone and I freaking hurt. Legs, arms... you name it. More so on my left side. The stress in my life has come to a grinding halt. There is nothing going on that should drive me nuts that isn't out of the ordinary, other than our dog Trisha having a tumor removed from her eye. But even that was peaceful. It just cost $1200. We like our dog, she wasn't going to die and she's only 7 or 8 so, it was fine. Just plunk plastic and pay it by June.

I digress...

But it is stressful ever since I stepped up to that tee box on the third hole at Bartley Cavanaugh and took that swing a year ago March 20th that threw me onto the ground in agony. The other part that is a concern to me, which I will figure out tomorrow when I see the neurologist tomorrow is, where my medical provider put me now? Back on the shelf or in the "black hole" where I talk to someone about my "feelings"? As I look back, this thing is progressing. First it was wrist pain. Then hand pain. Then back pain. Then all that plus leg pain, limping and struggling with heavy items. But... it's like. "Hey you don't have MS that is spectacular.." And I am like, "I just want to carry the vacuum upstairs, I don't care what disease or injury I have..."

I sucks... Just bittersweet victory...

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