Tuesday, February 12, 2008

3:10 To Berkeley...

I took a day trip to Arizona. I waited and waited for my plane on the way back this afternoon to show like the train did in the movie. (At least that train was only minutes late) An honest man, left at the station a hero... speaking of heroes:

So what the fuck is up with Berkeley?

Y'all see this? Stop... I don't pretend to know anyone that lives down there but what I can do is take a sensible position on this despite disagreeing politically with people from time to time.

I stop dead sharing an opinion of Code Pink or what have you and their right to protest (ironically defended by said Marines HoooRAH!) I don't care what your position is on the war, Bush...Obama kicking Hillary's white ass around the country or whatever.

However... I do care when a City Council like Berkeley's calls a Marine Recruiting office "uninvited and unwelcomed intruders". Uh... okay. So are they ceding from the Union too? Are they gonna bring the "naked guy" back to life to lead an army of conscripted engineering students and emo-fraternity slackers down the hill from Cal to Shaddock, armed with leaflets, forming drum circles to fight the Marines? I mean, gimme a break. Secondly... I think the city council should be recalled along with the mayor for allowing such an insensitive statement that panders to these kids protests. Be against the war, fine. I bet only 8% of the population in Berkeley is for the war anyway. But to take it out on a Marine recruiting office is quasi-blasphemy, (yeah I know "God" doesn't appear in the Constitution) but seriously it is scary and really reminds me of that archived footage of the 1960's Vietnam protests when my parent's generation had people attack the soldiers who were conscripted into the war against their will. The Marines and other Armed Forces recruiters can't all be located in Kansas or Wyoming where you'd stereotypically find gun happy rednecks. They gotta be welcome in all of our cities despite what we think about our President and the Iraq War. The city council is completely obtuse, and I actually feel sorry for Code Pink and the others, even though I disagree with them because this totally makes their cause look pretty sappy.

Bravo Berkeley!!! California, the land of fruits and nuts.

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