Thursday, February 07, 2008

Steve Touches Himself...

The Unofficial iPod Touch Song

Although the move was highly unpopular around this explosively named household, I took my part of gambling winnings from the infamous 22 on the Roulette wheel (to which I contributed unspent birthday money) and went and got the new 32 GB iPod Touch. Infamous 22 is my future band's name by the way. Has a nice ring and kind of rebel charge to it.

When this thing came out, I thought cool... Needs more memory to be practical for me and my 4000 plus songs (which already takes up 14 gigs). It is highly unlikely that I would double my size of song volume on my current playlist unless I stole them all from free download places like a Democrat entitled to "free" shit. I am going to remove some songs too because I skip over them and add the rest of the Pearl Jam/U2 collection which I do not have on now. I think I top out at 6000 songs leaving 10 gigs for play. Movies can go on and off at my choosing as well. Need to handbrake the rest of my DVD collection. I need Fight Club on this! Fight Club is this generation's Catcher in the Rye. (Handbrake is the coolest apple application for scrunching DVD's to iPod format so you don't have to buy them off iTunes. Such entitlement you get with Apple products, Steve Jobs must be a Republican... I mean if you are a billionaire you should be a Republican or Hillary is gonna come gank that shit from you in January)

Plus the browsing the net from bed will make my back better! I can't wait until this thing finishes syncing so I can play with it. Apple will have some cool document readers as well.

This thing is on!!!

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