Friday, June 06, 2008

New Weezer Album

Holy Crap!! Where did this come from? I am a fan and I pretty much buy what comes out from them and sing their songs and shit.

I did that split second click on iTunes this morning to send my 12 bucks to Apple for the album which downloaded in 2 minutes.

What a collection of songs, I am speechless. Best album since their best (and possibly the best) album of all-time, Pinkerton.

What is cool about it is they broke the mold a little bit and switched instruments and Rivers isn't singing every song. Which is odd that such a pretentious little control freak he historically seems to be has let go. The album flat out rocks with cool 3 minute songs and a couple long ballads.

I have listened through it a few times but I keep getting hung up on the first song Troublemaker and it's lyrics, riffs, vocal style, backing vocals... the whole enchilada:

Cool shit... Buy it!!!

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