Friday, June 13, 2008

Once, Twice, Three Times a Seizure...

At 12 yesterday... I get a call from daycare... Elijah has a high fever. And we all know what happens when Elijah has a high fever... and we all remember the first time.

So at 12:10... I am at day care and he is having a seizure. Eyes rolled back... stiff... burning up... shaking. (If you want to see one is like go here...)

We're pros at this now but dude... c'mon! Enough already.

The daycare ladies were very concerned and visibly shaken with this as I would expect. I walked in... like it was no biggie... been there, done that... got the t-shirt. I sat until with Elijah for around 5 minutes while we waited for the ambulance, trying to cool him off, and bring him back to awareness. It took a bit but he came back.

The firemen were totally cool. DW showed up at the same time. She's a teacher at a school around the corner and as she was leaving school she saw the fire truck racing by knowing it was for Elijah. The ambulance came and I hopped in with Elijah and we rode in the "big truck" 15 minutes to our hospital. No sirens... Elijah was awake and fine but really scared obviously with all of the stickers and shit they connect up to you to get vital signs.

We got into the emergency room around 1 pm, where we spent the remainder of the day and evening visiting with the sick and hurt people that rushed by. The hospital is under construction so they had to remove like 12 beds into the hallway, so Elijah got the spot in the hall with a lot of traffic.

The shit they did to the poor guy. IV's... Blood draws... the catheter attempt to get urine (YEEEOUCH!!!... I did not watch!!) Hours and hours of observation by the staff went by. We got to visit with lots of nurses and people there for treatments. Some were pretty sad situations to witness, like the 90 year old man with heart trouble or the kid with food poisoning (must have been tomatos!!). Oh and Lawryde... there was this dude there with his elderly mother who looked just like Hunter S Thompson who kept reading and writing shit in his book. He was kind of an asshole too which I thought was cool.

I hate to say it... But I love people watching. I don't stare at sick people, that is wrong. I more or less stare and observe the patient's families walking in and out. When they bring flowers... or when they express laughter or consult with each other. Like outside in the waiting area... Oh my God... there must have been this Middle Eastern patriarch that was sick or something because dude... there were like at least 100 family members there... all really well dressed. You wonder what the sick or injured person is like to have that much of a family come to a hospital.

I am digressing...

Elijah is fine... No idea what caused the temp spike. Febrile seizures are "normal" even though they happen in 2-5% of the kids in the US. Why is 2 to 5 out of 100 considered normal? 2-5 out of 100 is like the number of three point shots made in Shaquille O'neal attempted so far in his career. If you hit 2-5 out of 100 shots on goal with your hockey team, your coach is gonna get pissed at you if you don't pass!!! (Can you image having a hockey rink in your basement?) 2-5 out of 100 is not normal.... But when I use "the Google", other sites on "internets" are telling me it is normal... Like wikipedia... which could be edited by any sick individual who wants to spread disinformation about something. (Snipe... Bring It On)

Anyhow... I have to make a run after lunch back to the doctor with Elijah so we know for sure he is just fine and not just acting like a 2 year old for the hell of it. Daddy... and Mommy for that matter were in pain sitting there holding Elijah all afternoon and evening. Mommy got some of Daddy's pain medicine when she got home. I hurt so bad I fell down last night.

Daycare people are so nice... they called to check on him last night to make sure he was okay. I took him in to get his shoes this morning so they could all see him alive and well.

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