Saturday, March 01, 2008

Check Your Rearview Mirror

So I took Elijah out to the country to spend the night with Oma and Opa. He has this little cold that I talked about yesterday, where he "faked" mom into leaving him home.

This morning I had got him some kiddie Sudafed type liquid medicine at Walmart when we went out for our Saturday morning latte, pastry and car wash. So we gave him a dose this morning and I gave him another at 1 when I got to Oma's. The left to VS for some soy milk.

10 minutes later... as I am heading into town... I hear Elijah coughing... but it was a weird cough... I look in the rear view: Eyes rolled up back into his head, white foam coming out of his mouth... convulsants...

Shit I thought... What a run! Between the roof collapsing from the rat chewed pipe, the storm blowing glass onto the Porsche, the storm window being blown out... the fence... the cat making a repeat trip to the vet for the asthmar, the electrician... now this.

So I called home yelling at the answering machine until DW picked up. Then since I was right there... I ran into the fire dept. driveway. No one there?!?! WTF? Elijah "looked normal" as opposed to the blue color he turned during the last seizure. Still not acknowledging me. I had him up in his car seat. I stood up scratching my head... Fire station... paramedic ambulance right there (like 300 yards away), where are these people? Fuck it... 911

Then suddenly, paramedics came in like a minute, the garage doors open to the fire dept and I had like 15 dudes checking out the Porsche and my son in his seat. Elijah was just hot. I had pulled clothes off and assisted the paramedics strapping oxygen to him. In all...12-14 minutes, Elijah came out of it. Never cried. Just had a look on his face like, "Hey fire trucks!!" They gave him a stuffed dinosaur and I signed my life away. We were 15 miles from the hospital so I chose to drive up myself.

I took him in and waited. He was real hot. They checked his vitals and his temp was 102. Wow... a kid who was throwing rocks at the house, wicked sick minutes later was just too crazy. I had of course was in a minor state of panic but felt stable when I took him into the emergency room. They took care of him. Motrin to bring down the temp. Chest x ray. They gave him Benedryl to decongest him.

Basically... the doctor thought the Sudafed crap accellerated his body temp and that chance again for another febrile seizure. He'll grow out of it eventually!!!

What's next?

He's sleeping on the couch... peacefully... Poor little guy. Rough day.

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