Thursday, March 27, 2008

Into The Wild

I had heard about this movie last summer and never got a chance to see it in the theater. I was surfing around iTunes the other day and I saw the album for the sound track. I bought that right away after hearing this song and immediately moved the movie into the top of the the Netflix list.

Last night I was able to finally see the movie. I was blown away. It isn't the best movie ever (we'll reserve that for Fight Club) but it was powerful.

It's about a guy that says, "Fuck it" to money, his education and life as he knew it to explore living without everything in the wild. The emotions of the people he meets through out his journey into the wild of Alaska are pretty powerful.

The best part about the movie is that it is a true story. The guy really did this. What an inspiration. Emile Hirsch is an incredible actor. Loved him in 'The Girl Next Door' and 'The Lords of Dogtown'. The guy will probably be pretty big if the Speed Racer movie doesn't ruin his career. LOL.

I recommend throwing this onto your Netflix list and watching it. Great stuff. Eddie Vedder does the entire soundtrack and it is probably some of his best work too.

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