Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pain, Pain, Pain... and More Pain...

I swear Kaiser is turning me into a Vicodin addict.

WTF? I just got back from the real OC on a trip. I some how managed to cover all I needed, avoiding most of the insane traffic So Cal has. It was tough. This pain shit is getting old fast.

Here are some of the pain highlights:

  1. Pulling my suitcase through the airport. I like never check bags on short trips because I want to save time and I don't have much more than a lap top and a small suitcase. I drag my suitcase through the airports with ease. I got out of my rental car today, ripped my suitcase out and started to walk and literally took three steps and I just felt this flash of numbness combined with sharp pain from my finger tips to my shoulder and I lost my grip with my left hand.
  2. Sitting on the plane. There were like 50 people on the plane so I basically had a row to myself. I crossed my arms to relax after drinking my soda and I could feel this real sharp pain in my left forearm and wrist. It freaking killed. I felt like I wanted to cry for a second and then it ended like nothing ever happened.
  3. Yesterday after driving to San Diego and back from the OC, I got out of the car, took two steps and my left leg gave way. I just stumbled and picked myself up. The funny thing, today after my arm going numb... I switched the suitcase to my right hand and was able to run full speed for my gate. No limp and about as nimble and as fast as I could run when I was 18. WTF?
  4. I woke up flat on my back and both arms are numb the past two nights. And then it just goes away.
  5. When I finally got home this evening, my left knee felt like someone hit my knee cap with a crow bar and tried to pry it off. Everything hurt and I have this mysterious itchy feeling in my back and feet.
This shit's gotta stop. Driving me up the wall!!!

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