Monday, March 31, 2008

By Tomorrow I Will Be Dead...

Oh Wah ah ah ah!!!

or damn near close to it.

I woke up this morning and I can feel it coming on. It is hitting me hard. Sinus headache and no amount of Sudafed seems to work. I stand up and I feel dizzy. I had to watch Elijah this morning since I was home and he gave me 90 minutes of peace to do what I needed to do. Oh my God... He wasn wound up when he woke. And the boy is quite accelerated. Wants to potty train I guess... has to watch Elmo, counted to 4... not back for going into 20 months here. So accelerated I got one of those temper tantrums to 2 years olds through.

I am bad... I let him cry... He wanted into the bedroom and he had no business being there so I shut the door keeping him out. He pounded the door. I narrated my movements into the front room where I announced every move to set up Elmo for him to watch quietly...

10 minutes later... he came walking into the room with a big smile on his face like the world was at peace and he had no worries. Ready to watch Elmo. I think it is funny when they freak out and then they come back like nothing happened. Little dude is like Daddy, can't come to grips with his emotions, goes Donald Duck on ya and then is fun to be around after.

I took him to the park. It was freaking cold!! The wind was blowing pretty good and it was like 49 out or something. Elijah had fun until we had to leave. I was freezing. This sickness was coming on and I was hating life. I still had a couple of hours to play with him until it was time to drop him off at DW's workplace.

The next couple of hours were fun. We walked around the block together and he threw rocks at some dogs. I carried him on my shoulders part of the way. We watched some men putting a new roof on a house down the street. We watched a few squirrels mate with each other. I had to stop and see that. Nothing like a squirrel going to town on another squirrel with the tails wagging in circles. We have one living near us on the side of the house. There are like a bazillion trees in Sacramento so there is a natural habitat of squirrels running rampant. The new phrase for the day, Elijah could not understand: Squirrel Fornication.

If you haven't seen squirrels mating before... Watch this:

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