Saturday, March 22, 2008

Steve Chased By Cougars

Not literally but...

The weather in Sactown (Sacramento to those in Peoria) is perfect! It has been in the 70's all week and it is convertable weather. It's like that Goldilocks time of year wear you can walk outside in a t-shirt and jeans and not be too hot or too cold.

So I had the Porsche out... flying around town, doing my things that I do. It's amazing what people say to you in the car. Here are somethings I heard:

  1. What kind of car is that? (The car is 35 years old so some people have never seen a 914)
  2. Dude... what kind of engine do you have in that thing? (Usually a motorcycle guy or an older black gentlemen in a Crown Vic or something will ask this)
  3. Wanna trade?
  4. Sweet!!!
  5. Pollute!!! (Prius drivers getting bitch slapped from each stoplight)
  6. Mighty fine, dude...(Scared me a little because it was a dude that said it)
  7. Give us a ride!!!
Give us a ride? A couple of 50 year old women roll up next to me and ask me for a ride? I smile and say there is only room for one.

"We'll fit, " they say. "Just take us now!!!"

Um... Holy crap!!! Steve got picked up on by some older women. I didn't no what to do so I sped off!!! I was scared and kept looking behind me to see if they were coming.... Sure, enough... they followed me into the Jamba Juice parking lot. Oh my God !!! I panicked when I got out of the car and ran into Walgreens to hide. I could see them eyeing me as I trotted across the parking lot. They went into Starbucks. I was safe.

I am sure they thought it was funny.

Scary... I am getting up there...

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