Thursday, March 06, 2008

Going For A Walk

I took Elijah for a walk tonight. He has this little monkey backpack with a leash. It is so funny pulling this thing out. He loves being on the leash.

I took him down the front steps and basically said, "Where do you want to go?" He just took off... I followed letting him walk. Keeping him from the street... or from sticking his fingers through the fence to touch the yapping dog behind us.

He stopped to greet the neighbor... I think he called him Samuel... which is funny.

We walked a few blocks. Elijah is a little short so we has fun climbing the curbs.

He later found a stick. The dude loves sticks... He swings them around and loves to hit cars so I have to block him from hitting cars. I am considerate of other's paint jobs on their cars.

So I was watching him walk... and he goes down one block partially and then suddenly wants to go back the other way. Okay... so he went to the corner and turned. Where was he going?

We walked down the next street to the middle of the block. We ran into a couple with a baby. The baby was like 3 inches taller than Elijah. I was like oh my god. Yet she wasn't walking yet. She was 6 months younger than Elijah. She was intrigued by him. I kept laughing and she would mimic me. The parents just thought Elijah was so cute. Elijah just stood looking at the baby. I think he made a friend...

We moved on after 5 minutes and I suddenly figured out where Elijah was leading me too. The Park... he knew exactly how to get those 6 blocks with turns down the street.

It is amazing how right now you can almost have a conversation with him and he is pulling all this really smart stuff like leading me to the park.

He realized though it was dark and wanted to head back... Of course he wanted to be carried so I held him up... 23 pounds and chronic pain... I was numb when I got back.... But I could have walked another hour with him in my arms.

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