Friday, March 14, 2008

Reinventing the Wheel

My hero... Singing the greatest song he ever wrote.


Among all the things that could go wrong, like Steve leaving the Porsche unlocked one time and having someone steal the iPod stuff (not the iPod itself) right at that time... We had the garbage disposal go out.


So I dug in after a rough day, went down to the Home Depot (no Lowes nearby) and got a new garbage disposal. I have had trouble with the pipes under the sink but this time... this time... whoa!

I ripped the old disposal out and wouldn't you know it, I got the same one except like 8 years newer or more and 3/4 horse versus 1/3 hp. So this should have gone easy. Of course none of the pipes lined up and as I tried to force it I realized it was time.

Every fitting under that sink had a different composition. Meaning... some were ABS. Some were PVC... Some were galvanized and some where Stainless steel.


I did what I could monkeying some fittings off and headed back to HD. I sat on the floor looking at their completely disorganized boxes for a half an hour figuring a way to redo my plumbing. I was already way deep into today with having a bad day. And then the shopping cart rolls up and these two kids are in it.... A boy and a girl, maybe 5 and 6 or maybe a little younger... They weren't just fighting in this cart, they were loud and screaming and just being flat out obnoxious. Really loud... Definitely not using their inside voices... and the dude pushing them leaves the cart right near me and proceeds to go down the aisle while these kids are screaming. Way down the aisle... to the end... like 50 feet away??


I am on edge... I can feel my blood pressure curdling as I am sitting there. It was the most annoying sound. Finally, after a couple of minutes I give up and stand up... drop all the fittings, look right down at dear old Dad at the end of the aisle and yell, "DUDE!?!?!?!" Side stepping away from the cart with my hands out like I am showing off a fabulous new car on the Price Is Right... "C'mon!?!?!?!"

He comes walking back... my fittings on the ground... the kids now quiet... dogs me all the way... grabs the cart and goes....

I went back to the floor quietly assembling my plumbing masterpiece. I don't know how a modern kitchen is set up but I gotta believe under my sink is kind of screwy. At least I have all the same fittings aligned correctly and level.

What a crazy day... More I wish I could write about but that would sort of give up my secret identity.

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