Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Not So Accurate Reflection Of My Musical Tastes

I think it is interesting what our iPods can say about ourselves. I found this little application that can pull lists off your iPod and create little text files for whatever. I tried creating a list of all 4490 songs now on my iPod (which is for sale at the bargain price of $2500, I figure I can take $500 of that and buy a new iPod touch and be totally in the black $2000 and you would not only have an iPod with every Led Zepplin, U2, Green Day, Beatles, Social D, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine, Metallica, Dave Matthews, etc. song on it, but you would have it for under 50 cents on the dollar. Fucking cool if you ask me. If you are serious, I will strip the DRM off every song in one weekend for a $2000 profit.) I digress... must be the Adult Attention Deficit Disorder the psychologists are warning me about.... When I tried creating the list of 4490 songs, it crashed my Mac. Shitty G4 processor. I need a new Mac.

Anyhow... this list is misleading. One... I listen to a lot of albums so I don't target one song. And when I am gone on planes I shuffle a lot which makes me wonder where all of my Elvis and Buddy Holly music is because that never seems to come up here. No idea when Ben Fold's version of Tiny Dancer is on here but I posted the video at the bottom for your enjoyment.

Two... My favorite Bad Religion song is "I want to conquer the world". I must fast forward the end of the song a lot because it has only been played 7 full times. I put it on when I am pissed a lot. Surprised none of my other punk stuff is prevalent either. Where is MxPX? The Ramones? The Clash? Samiam (which is now up to 100 songs)? Jawbreaker? At least Greg Graffin appears first. I must love that song.

Three...where is Johnny Cash?????

Here is the list...

Songs in Playlist Top 25 Most Played

1. Don't Be Afraid to Run
Track Length: 4:12
Sung by: Greg Graffin

2. Tiny Dancer (Newport Ri 7/6/02 Newport Music Festival)
Track Length: 5:23
Sung by: Ben Folds

3. Jesus Of Suburbia / City Of The Damned / I Don't Care / Dearly Beloved / Tales Of Another Broken Home
Track Length: 9:08
Sung by: Green Day

4. Sing
Track Length: 3:49
Sung by: Travis

5. House of Gold
Track Length: 2:46
Sung by: Mike Ness

6. Red Dirt Girl
Track Length: 4:16
Sung by: Emmylou Harris

7. Incomplete
Track Length: 2:29
Sung by: Bad Religion

8. Fix You
Track Length: 4:54
Sung by: Coldplay

9. Six More Miles
Track Length: 2:40
Sung by: Mike Ness

10. Reach for the Sky
Track Length: 3:31
Sung by: Social Distortion

11. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Track Length: 4:20
Sung by: Green Day

12. Are We The Waiting
Track Length: 2:42
Sung by: Green Day

13. Miracle Drug
Track Length: 3:59
Sung by: U2

14. The Saints Are Coming
Track Length: 3:22
Sung by: U2 & Green Day

15. Letterbomb
Track Length: 4:06
Sung by: Green Day

16. Original Of The Species
Track Length: 4:41
Sung by: U2

17. American Idiot
Track Length: 2:54
Sung by: Green Day

18. Holiday
Track Length: 3:52
Sung by: Green Day

19. All These Things That I've Done
Track Length: 5:01
Sung by: The Killers

20. Don't Think Twice
Track Length: 3:47
Sung by: Mike Ness

21. Rockin' The Suburbs
Track Length: 4:58
Sung by: Ben Folds

22. When She Begins
Track Length: 5:03
Sung by: Social Distortion

23. The Scientist
Track Length: 5:09
Sung by: Coldplay

24. Somebody Told Me
Track Length: 3:17
Sung by: The Killers

25. Cheating At Solitaire
Track Length: 3:53
Sung by: Mike Ness

I lied... No Ben Folds:

Greg Graffin has looked like a middle aged man the last 20 years...LOL!!

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