Friday, September 12, 2008

New Metallica Brings The Old One Back

I feel like I am 17, 18, shoot maybe 23 again. Waiting outside a record store at midnight before the release of an album. Only now, I waited from my bedroom with my iPod Touch in hand waiting for the album to appear on iTune's tonight so I could click Download.

Heavy Metal is back. This isn't Load or Reload or St. Anger. Hell it ain't even the black album. It's an updated Master of Puppets sound... sort of. This shit really rocks. The songs are long. I was able to get it at around 11:00 and then I was out looking for my lost headphones. I couldn't find my Bose one's as they are bumping around in my car somewhere. I found some old ear buds, cranked the iPod and I won't be able to hear by morning.

I can't until I am riding around with the top off in my Porsche this weekend with this album cranked up, ripping my ears apart some more. Kirk Hammet is totally shredding on this album. He's got his Wah Wah pedal back and some mean licks throughout these songs.

The songs are really long... I think the shortest one is six minutes long. The rest are seven minute jam fests.

Really cool shit... go buy it and vote Republican!!!

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