Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thoughts on Stuff...

I think McCain beat Obama in the debate. Unfortunately where McCain beat Obama was in national security. Unfortunately, the Economy, which really took a back seat because they both didn't explain shit about it is the issue that is dominating this whole cycle right now. McCain schooled the man-elf on Russia, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Americans are not tuned into this crap though because they hate Bush so bad. It's the most important issue and it sucks we are not paying attention to it. It can solve and hurt our economy both at the same time. Yet, we all just want cheaper gas. These past few months, me and my family are finally feeling this.

Speaking of that... October 7th looks like the day we are filing to split up. I am sure I will say more as time goes on but I have been quiet around here about it due to commentators that I do not know saying shit about stuff they don't have a fucking clue about. It sucks because I really liked having open comments around here. There are some great sites though out there where I can track IP addresses so I can find out who these people are. This all was the last thing I'd ever thought I'd go through. Hopefully I am on the back side of it. Perhaps it will help with my pain and stress. Mostly that is what I hope ends.

I am spending a lot of solo time with Elijah. Thank God for the parents I have because I have been taking him out there and imposing on their lives a little. Despite all the travel I do and I am in 4 states this next week (including Illinois for the first time) and am having a lot of fun. We went to a car show yesterday. Sadly there were only 5 Porsches there and nothing really really cool except for the Super 1500. I would love to put mine in a show sometime after I fix the windshield and trim pieces. Last weekend we went wine tasting with my parents and saw the pond on the post below. We have had fun swimming. Playing in parks. Playing fetch at the lake with a dog.

Lastly... I am so happy that after 14 years apart and almost 10 of those years not even speaking to each other, I was able to rekindle the greatest friendship with one of the sweetest people I ever have known. She is genuinely the most gentle person you can possibly meet.

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