Friday, September 19, 2008

No The Sunshine Never Comes

So yeah... what have I been up to lately? Besides listening to the new Metallica album.

Dreaming it all up again is what I have been doing. Radical changes to my life. Shake up... Ch-ch-ch-changes. Holding onto my center. Knowing in my heart what I believe is the truth. Actually leaning on some faith, for once.

I have become a statistic. My family. It is amazing where your friends suddenly all go... like they never knew you. You don't have that source of comfort.

Then the blame game. Finger pointing... I won't engage. I can't engage. It's done for me. But then you are out calming everyone else's emotions.

I hit a breaking point I guess. It was more than just constant pain everyday. It was more than just a little isolation. It was more than some hurt feelings. It was love that I needed to feel again. I reap what I sow. But...

Midnight is where the day begins.

I never let my back stay completely on the wall. I never let anyone really really get to me. I always look forward and never back. More later...

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