Sunday, January 04, 2009

All the Toys and Something to Play for...

This Christmas, I got some gifts that at first glance may not have been very... well, expensive or something I maybe have asked for or what one may consider to be valuable like an iPhone or Big Screen TV or a watch.

They were simple but thoughtful gifts and have come to mean so much to me the past week.

The first one, the biggie... Willie Nelson's guitar strap. It's hand made. Red white and blue and is featured in this photo. It came from him so I know it is real. It is pretty awesome and special and is made for my acoustic guitars. I definitely will use it when I play.

The next few items were things that were from another time, another place in my life. First was a Michigan Wolverines hat. Back in high school, I was always seen wearing Michigan gear. I had this fascination of playing in the Wolverines marching band at football games and going to their music school. I ended it up settling for the local but prestigious Conservatory of Music at Pacific. But it was my dare to dream, and even though I did not make it to Michigan, I had a rewarding music life in my late teens and early twenties winning solo awards, playing the Star Spangled Banner at my high school graduation and making the California State Honor Band my senior year.

The other thing I got was a small bottle of valve oil for my trumpet and euphonium (baritone horn). I had been saying recently about all my brass instruments which I have displayed around my new house that I needed valve oil to move the valves and even play. As well as needing some silver polish to get the tarnish off the mouthpieces. And then I started playing... After knocking some tarnish off of my sound and embouchure, I got some killer big brass sounds out of my trumpet, trombone and baritone. It was like riding a bike. And then from memory, playing the songs I knew and getting it all back. I have played all afternoon.

The last thing I got was a pair of blue Converse All-Stars. These go way back with me... To when I was a skater back in Frisco, riding my skateboard down the foggy hills, dodging traffic and destroying my knees riding walls and stuff. I had to give it all up when my parents moved me back up to the sticks but the nostalgia of slipping those things and hot rodding around in my Porsche has been fun. What a great thing to bring back to my identity.

One other gift that I got... Not from Christmas or anything was when I put Elijah to sleep the other night in his bed. I was laying with him and I started singing "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley over and over to get him to quiet down. I have found singing works with him to put him in the mood to shut his eyes so I do it. But after repeating the song over and over for about ten minutes, I sang:

"Don't worry... About a thing... Because every little thing... "

And Elijah came in on key even singing... "Gonna be all right."

Tears in my eyes... I kissed him on the forehead and held him tight.

Thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

ohysidOh how great was that. Your last gift it was the best one. As Rube would say "cheers"!

Happy Ano Nuevo.

Anonymous said...

Oh how great was that. Your last gift it was the best one. As Rube would say "cheers"!

Happy Ano Nuevo.

Feel free to delete 1st comment although no one will probably see it but me.hahahahaha!

Stephanie said...

Oh my, that image of you and Elijah is priceless.