Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Indoor Fireworks

The "other" Elvis sings one of my favorite songs. One of the first ones I learned to do on my guitar. I have always gotten a lot of influence from Elvis.

So... I sat wiki'ing prescription drugs I have. Um... One says for, MAJOR depression. Huh... I didn't ever notice or really think about it.

I am a full functioning, hard working, punch the clock punching, 60 hour a week zombie dude these days. I have almost no money but... well.... I shouldn't say that... I actually have little debt but money just seems to fly out of my wallet faster than it comes in. And mainly it is utilities. That gas fire place we all enjoyed in December was $360. I cannot rationalize the use and cost of propane and propane accessories this month. On Monday, I kept going out every hour to see if I had a gas leak.

Well... no gas leak so my house won't blow up like that one in Rancho Cordova did. I am not on PG&E. If my February bill is that high... I am sending my hotel bills into the company to show how much I have been gone followed by the correlating water consumption drop. Also... why the fuck is propane so fucking high when oil is less than $40 a barrel. I know things about the petroleum industry and I know propane follows oil... Don't tell me it is refining capacity... It ain't shit... We have natural gas coming out of our ass in this country.

It is probably the small town joke of a town I moved too. Why are we called a town? When I punch my address into Google Maps it comes up... three towns over!!

Anyhow... I felt like griping...

I did my old job for a few hours this afternoon out in Colorado. It felt good to be a grunt in the field again.

Been go through a very big period of nostalgia lately because of Facebook. I have college friends, high school friends from the sticks and then even pre school friends from the city commenting on the same status updates. Totally weird and freaking but a lot of fun...

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