Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I have the Mexican Pig Plague

I think I have the H1N1 virus otherwise known as swine flu.

I seriously feel like shit.


I have had a raging headache, I feel clammy and I also feel like shit.

I also am losing track of my thoughts.

I am dying for some better drugs. Sudafed and/or Dayquil are just not cutting it.

I am in LAX waiting for a plane. I should just start telling people I have it before they get it on the plane.

Blurry vision... I think I have a fever because it is cool down here but I am all hot. Maybe it is my clothes.

I wish they'd board some planes so they can get some people out of here.

Praise Jesus, Holy Cow...


Anonymous said...

Oh my God get to the ER as soon as you get home unless your doctor will take you

Keep us posted. Good thing you are big strong guy.

Steve said...

Big strong guy?

Anonymous said...

I assumed. lol!

As long as your nose doesn't change into a snout you should be fine.