Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It Must Be A Rant Week

So I got up at 4:15 AM. Crawled out of bed to let the cat that was tearing up my screen. I am so not getting my deposit back!

I got up early to fly to Los Angeles for a meeting. It was smooth getting out of the house... I can totally do it in the dark now, though the sun cracked just before 5 when I left.

Smooth trip the airport...

Smooth trip to the parking lot...

Smooth trip through security and in line for Starbucks!!

Totally cool, I had 45 minutes until my flight so I just kicked it and checked email and stuff on the phone.

So... it was time to board. The airline I chose, Southwest lines up passengers by numbers and herds them onto the plane. I am good at flying this airline. 24 hours before my flight I check in. (which I totally just fucking forgot for tomorrow!... shit and I still get the A group!! Whoo Hoo!!!)

But anyway... I get on the plane, with my bags, my latte and I sit in peace. No problem.

I am also an expert at not letting people sit next to me. I fold up the arm rest, rest my Latte on the tray in the middle seat, and I stare at the floor reading a magazine, and I spread way out like I am 6 foot 6 instead of 5 10.

So the plane is almost full... and this lady gets on just sobbing her eyes out.

And I carefully, watch because I do not want this next to me today. She is sobbing...


Sobbing wandering looking for a seat... all middle seats. And I am like in the front of the plane too.

So I see this little kid board so I quickly make room by standing up and saying, "Sit here!"

I chose a single serving friend.

But the lady kept sobbing and I felt bad... She just wandered up and down.

Minutes go by and the flight attendants help her.

Long story short, this lady had a friend/relative/1st Cousin or something die or was sick or whatever...

And I just sat there listening and looking down. And she was sobbing and couldn't catch her breath.

I guess she was upset because there were no aisle seats left. I just kept looking down because I really did not want to care.

The attendants declared an emergency and asked that "one of us" up front give up our aisle for the lady's emergency.

"Huh?!?!" I looked up... And the attendant is not looking directly at me but in the vicinity and she had an authority to her tone like, "One of you better fucking move now!"

I just stared the attendant down with "fuck you" I think written all over my face.

I got on the plane early.

I got my ticket early...

I got to the airport on time... had a Latte and bags stored over my head.

Fuck that... I am not moving. No way! No way! I do not care what this lady's problem or drama is... She got on late! She is not entitled to my seat because I followed Southwest's seating policy. I just don't care and my Latte was not empty yet. Don't look at me for help!

The nice gentlemen in front of me got up and moved...

so that was that...


Anonymous said...

what happend to my comment?

Steve said...

Blogger is shitty software... that is what happened.

Anonymous said...

Oh what I said was why did she need an aisle seat? If I were crying I would want to cry towards the window not into the aisle.