Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh Look... Steve Posts...

Sorry... I have been an extrovert posting on other sites.

New exciting news for me.

We are... (Censored)

And then, it is expected that I (censored) the (censored again) for (really censored)

And then finally,

I hope Iran implodes. Seriously. I hope the new guy gets elected for his fine work during the war in the 80's (the side we should have been supporting) and it is better than that jerk off Ahminejihad (spelled wrong on purpose). I think a civil war over there is just what we need so we can carpet bomb North Korea.

I am such a Republican but after what 4 and a half years writing thing and only being known for installing an IKEA faucet correctly, I guess that is all you get to read.

I am so cynical.

Lawryde if you are still reading, you gotta see Gran Torino since it is out on video if you haven't. Right up your alley even though he is quite opposite.

Gotta update my facebook URL


lawryde said...

I usually just read through my google reader.

I get tons of hits on my blog now about PEX to galvanized connections. I feel I should edit the post just to help all the poor bastards out who go there.

c@d said...

Anonymous said...

waaas up with BIO I am having withdrawal.