Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Needles and Pins

Great cover song by the Ramones, called "Needles and Pins" and that is all I can think about this week.

This is me:

Yesterday... Dentist. Repairs old filling. Has to shoot me twice because the first novacaine ain't biting.

Next Monday, steroid injections right into the base of my spine. Supposedly this will help my lower back to help me walk better, with out that limp. Hey, I can run and jump and climb and lift just about anything right now but walking without a limp sometimes can't be done. Hopefully these will rid the pain in my lower back and leg.

Also beginning next week: Acupuncture. Six sessions with a lady from China sticking needles and pins up and down my neck and down my arms. Woo hoo!! Fun. I get to go six times too!! If the first one doesn't work I get to keep going...

Had three sessions since before the holidays with the pain psychologist. This guy is cool. I get to clip this thing onto my ear and sit for 20 minutes while I try to relax. The screen beeps green when you start going along, but keeping it green is the hard part. I sat in red for a couple of minutes until I got the thing moving. All this from this tiny plastic clip on my ear lobe.

I hope to bring a camera for the acupuncture. For some reason I want a picture of me laying on the table with all those needles in my back.

Maybe after all this crap, I can get a tatoo.

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