Sunday, January 07, 2007

Steve Pimps Furniture...

Relax The Back


Dude, this is it. This is the thing to buy. The Perfect Chair from the Relax the Back store. I saw this thing at the Best of Sacramento back at the end of November. While wandering around the different restaurant vendors, drinking my free wine, I saw this chair and I had to sit in it. So I walked up and waited for a demo. This older gentlemen got me in it and showed me all the features.

After around 5 minutes, I felt something I hadn't felt in months. It was temporary relief. In the fully reclined position, my legs had all the weight off of them and I could actually feel me spine start to stretch in the "Zero Gravity" position in this chair. I left the Best of Sacramento show in utter relief. I had taken the card from the gentleman at the show and it turns out, he was the CEO of the Relax the Back chain of stores.

I sat and looked at the brochure for a month. The one I wanted had the motorized recline which makes the chair easy to get out of. I just couldn't see plunking down the $2499 for the one with the Premium Leather. (Had to get the premium leather because I am a Republican)

As it turns out, the Thursday before New Years, my cell phone broke (God knows I would die without my phone) so I ran to the nearest Sprint store to get it fixed. So as I waited I walked down the strip mall and found a Relax the Back store. I sort of knew it was in the area, but I never bothered to go find it. I had 15 minutes to kill while waiting for the phone so, there I was. I was in the showroom and not a single other customer was there so I had to talk to the salesperson. Being in sales myself, I hate talking to sales people. This guy was totally non-offensive. I mean, he had an easy job: Throw people into a chair or bed and tell them the financials, the products sold themselves.

So I found the chair I sat in at the show. I jumped in and fully reclined the chair. Wow!! What a feeling of instant relief from pain. Even if it was temporary relief, the price of admission was worth it. Maybe after taxes I could do this? I was trying to calculate what my write off would be with Elijah this year on the books to see if I could afford this. And then the sales guy comes up and says, we have "same as cash" deals for certain products. I got the opportunity to buy the chair in 6 months "same as cash".

I then went to see if I could be approved for this and sure enough I was. Just a formality but I was really thinking about it. $2700 though after tax was a lot of money to decide on with out my wife present. I really did feel better in the chair than laying in bed, sitting on the couch or anything else I had tried to do when I came home from work after a hard day's driving. Even if it was only for 1/2 an hour a day that I could sit in the thing I felt it was worth it.

But... I left. The cooling off period was much needed. I got home to Kristen and told her what I could get the chair for and that it could easily be paid off by June. I guess I talked about this chair a lot because she had no problem with me getting it. So, I called the guy the next day and bought the chair. A black one (like my heart) with a motorized recline on it. Picked it up in my truck and brought it home. It's been a week now and I LOVE this thing. I also got a ergonomic platform to hold my laptop. So I can recline, not hold the computer and keep my hands in a rested position. Work has never been easier. I can answer all my emails quite easily now and I can do it without too much pain.

Relax the Back, Perfect Chair, great product!!! Thanks!!

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