Friday, January 19, 2007

Steve Pimps Acupuncture

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Okay... so I had my first session of acupuncture today. It was quite an interesting experience. Basically, the place was like 8 or 9 blocks from my house in some plain building that I drive by 3 to 4 times on a daily basis. The building was seriously dated. It looked like it probably did in the 50's. Just one simple doorway, down a long hallway. Kind of felt familiar like I had been there before. I opened the door to the office, right into a waiting room. At first glance, I knew the room looked laid out in perfect Feng Shui. Horseshoe style chairs around the perimeter set in a horseshoe pattern. A center piece at the top of the horseshoe near the office window. A giant Chinese portrait on one wall and a mirror that reflected it on the other. The room felt cozy yet open. The exam rooms I later saw were laid out in the same horseshoe type pattern, just inviting you in.

So once in the room I was greeted by the doctor. A sweet older chinese lady, perhaps in her mid to late 50's. She had a few questions regarding my pain. Immediately she went to questioning my stress level.

"You very stressful person", she said as she looked me over.

She first grabbed my right hand, pressing it in one place that made my fingers tingle. I have been trying to repeat the same grasp myself with out the same result. She grabbed my left hand and did the same thing. Producing the same result.

She then grabbed my shoulder and says, "Oh... very tense. Too much stress. Think relaxation. You will get better."

Then I laid down on the table on my side.

Then the needles start. BAM!!! One into the side of my neck that actually sort of hurt. She jammed four more into my neck that I did not feel. Then one right into my ear that I felt might have pierced it. Then one right into the center of my forehead. Then one into that spot she grabbed on my left hand.

She stuffed a pillow between my knees and said, "You take nap now. You relax, forget stress." She shut the lights off and the whole room was pitch black.

And there I was with 8 to 10 needles stuck in me, laying on my side, in a pitch black room.

20 or so minutes later she came back. Lifted me up and says, "You feel good now, right?"

I am like "yeah, but numb."

She wiped some blood off my forehead and says, "You come back right away, Monday or Tuesday. You need treatment many times. You come back, okay?"

I walked out of the building.... the most relaxed I have ever felt. Now about an hour and a half later, my left arm feels much better and so does my neck. However... My lower back pain kicked up. Perhaps I need her to work on that next?

Crazy experience...

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