Sunday, January 14, 2007

Steve Wins Big


Stock footage from a 2005 tournament

On Friday night, I participated in another Texas Hold 'em tournament with my friends. No limit of course, $25 buy in with around 20 people. A little hard to sit in a chair that long on Friday but here is how it went down:

We started with three tables. I was relagated to the kitchen table with 5 other players. One great player named Todd, a couple of regulars, two teenagers and one friend who hadn't played before with us, that came out swinging on the first few hands. He got the cards I guess to back himself. I waited around on the table for around 20 minutes and finally got a three of kind to rack up some chips from one of the kids. I then took out the first guy who had roughly 20% of his starting stack. I was doing okay... Then it was time to move as a few more players dropped on the other tables.

I moved to the main table this time and I noticed some big players I hadn't played with before. And right off the bat, I lose 75 % of my chips in like 4 hands. Then a lucky break happened where I got to move again, off the table to the small one in the dining room, with my little stack. The first hand I did something entirely stupid and went all in with a pair of 3's, caught a 3 on the flop and doubled up, eliminating the player next to me. On the very next hand, I went all in on a pair of Kings before the flop, and picked off the next player. I then won another hand for the third time, eliminating more of the competition. Suddenly I had what the computer said, was an above average stack heading to the main table which was around $20K in chips.

So I was now back with the big boys, and the blinds were bigger. 9 people were at the final table. I then precede to drop down to my last $3,500 in chips. I was a goner so I laid low only planning to play the big blind when it came back. I then got some cards the first time around and won. Waited again for it to comeback and doubled up again, this time taking out a player on the far end. So now I am back to like 15K in chips but still had two monsters in front of me who had probably 60% of the total chips between them.

I then made an improbable move, all in on a pair of 3's with an Ace high. Totally stupid after the flop but the competition didn't know. One of the big dogs went in with two pair. I was a goner and when it came to the River card I had a 5% chance of winning. I got a third 3 and doubled up. Now I went on the offensive. Had someone make a big bet before me to steal a pretty big pot that was brewing before the flop, I looked at my cards and had pocket Aces and put him all in. He didn't bite but I wounded him good. He built it back up over the next three or four hands. Then another show down occurred where he had a pair 9's on the flop and a possible straight. He checked on the flop and so did I, then he made a small bet on the turn which was a queen. I was sitting with ace queen suited so I jumped on it. He called thinking I had an 8 with the 9's for two pair. Never saw the queen and I took him down.

Now we were down to three players. An older gentlemen sat across from me, and I swore the whole time I was there I thought he'd end up winning. I just kept playing him and finally took him down with a full house that flopped. Suddenly I was head to head with the last guy next to me who had roughly 25% of what I had now accumulated. The very first head to head hand was now starting at 1:45 AM. We had been at it since 7 PM. Many money games were going on around the house. Other people then discovered we were at the end. So the first hand is dealt and I had a 9, 8 suited. The flop comes and it was a 7, 6, 8. My opponent bets strong. I call him all in. He turns a K 7 and I show my 9, 8. The turn and flop came and suddenly I was the winner.

Before the game had ever started, we had a side bet on who would win. I had the 3rd to the worst odds of winning due to previous play. A longtime friend from high school had picked me in the beginning. He won 40 bucks because I won. I took home around $200. Very exciting evening I must say.

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