Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cold War Kids: Great Band and Great Music

Hang me out to dry...

I'm totally groovin' on this stuff lately. If you end up with the cd or if you are one of the those sick people who download things illegally depriving the artist of his/her ability to profit off of their creation (Stupid Democrats!), check out the song Robbers by these guys. Great stuff. Cool video.

(Now before you give me a bunch of shit for tagging their video to my blog, to which I do not make a feeble attempt of selling anything on, think before you steal it for your iPod. 4200 songs, all bought and paid for. Majority of it was my existing CD collection I created by myself over the last 20 years. Funny, when my wife and I got together and merged the collection of CD's we ended up with like 1000-1200 with only around 100 doubles, which mostly were the Cure, Depeche Mode, REM, Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins)

I have that guitar that the guy jumping around with.... I love their sound because it is so different and yet so recognizable. I love that chiming full sound of the hollow body electric. Where Chuck Berry and BB King got their sounds, hollow body guitars. Very "White Album/Abbey Road" late Beatle sound with some new wave beats and grooves. Sounds a bit like Talking Heads too. That song Robbers I mentioned came on shuffle last weekend. Something about the peace and beauty of a great song. Robbers is by no means as good of song as their one here "Hang Me Out To Dry". But Robbers has such a subtle song that just sort of stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it. Kind of like, Redemption Song when I first heard it from Bob Marley. It attacked the soul. Robbers has this brush military style drum beat with this lightly sung tale that sounds like someone walking home from the bar after drowning their sorrows of stomping all over someone to get ahead.

Screw it, here is the video for Robbers:

Okay... enough with music reviews. Las Vegas sucked this week. Down 80 bucks but I really didn't play. That's good though, I won't be back there until May where I plan (yes darling wife) to hit it a little harder and see what shakes out, but staying conservative in my betting. I am seeking a $2000 blackjack win which is really hard at 10 bucks a hand but I believe it is possible.

Impeach Alberto Gonzalez!

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