Monday, March 19, 2007

Your Lips Move... But I Can't Hear What Your Saying

Play while reading... (Easiest guitar solo in the world)

Chronic Pain blows especially when you want to try and remain active. Like doing the yard, playing with a seven month old or even taking a swing with a golf club. I am 33 and I have a very youthful attitude towards like. I am like one of those kids who has to jump and touch that high spot in the middle of a parking garage. A quick 10 second sprint across the street... still there but dude...

Give me an illness like the stomach flu or a simple cold (which just turned into bronchitis because I couldn't cough without pain)and I'm freaking dead. It just rips every part of my body.

My house now looks like I raided a pharmacy. A big bottle of Vicodin for pain. Some "relaxation" medicine for sleep. Now... a big ole bottle of codiene cough suppressant, one of those allergy inhalers, some sinus medicine and an anti-biotic regiment.

No... that's okay, I don't need that high ball of Jameson at the moment.

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