Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Maybe I Should Drive?

Japanese Airline lands with out front wheel!!!

Okay, so last week I fly to Denver. I get into the plane and all the TV's were on CNN. And the are all showing the fiery crash of an Indonesian plane as it landed. It's totally refreshing to see that as your plane is about to take off.

Today, I take off to Boise. (Saw the most beautiful sunrise above Lake Tahoe as we took off). This is the first time I had ever been on a prop plane. It was a small commuter plane that sat maybe 60 people. So I sat right near the wing and all you see is this huge black prop out the window. I thought this would be cool. I wondered if the plane would shake and stuff in the sky. I love bumps on a plane! I also knew the plane wouldn't fly as high so there would be more to see. (I am fascinated by the vast amount of open space over Nevada).

So I land in Boise and walk by a TV and what do I see? An identical plane, featured in the video above, posted in Japanese for my "faux" Asian wife to translate, on CNN trying to land. I then hear the whole fleet on Bombardier planes in Japan have been grounded to check the wheels. Are they gonna check mine on the way back? If not, can I get that pilot???

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