Monday, August 13, 2007

The Birthday Mess

Yeah... Birthday Cake, a little water, it's all good! At least you all didn't get to clean up after him (and once again I avoided clean up for some reason too!).

Ahh... what a weekend. Swimming by the pool, alcohol was flowing, temperature in the upper 80's. It was swell. I was quite amazed that after a bit of wine tasting my sister in law polished off a bottle of wine all by herself even. And it was white wine!! (And that was for the unconventional sister in law so there is no confusion) And I myself bought white wine this weekend. What the hell was that? Surprised I didn't cry when we sang happy birthday to Elijah.

Elijah continues to amaze all. He drops his sippy cup here and says "Uh oh". My son's first words: "Uh oh" My first words: "I care". We're weird dudes.

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