Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Maps to Hell

Really great new album from these guys above rocking out in their 40's. Greg looks a bit hot and pissed to be there and his voice sounds like shit but I guess if you your day job is a professor at UCLA and your night job is rocking out in your legendary punk rock band, you gotta commend him for laying down some killer words.

Oh... not only is the new Bad Religion titled "New Maps to Hell" ... it is also the pseudonym for the YearlyKos event happening in Chicago. (I know I am such a paradox going from a hard left band to bashing a liberal group) but seriously... Do we really need a bunch of bloggers sitting in a big room rehashing old shot gun jokes about Cheney and calling Bush stupid. Bush is stupid... and? what else?

See... that's where today's liberalism just stops. The ideas stop there... oh and then bring the troops home... leaving the poor bastards who have been in Korea for the past 50 years or the guys in Germany who have been there for 60 years keeping the piece. (Has Germany gone apeshit on France lately? I think not) But bring the troops out of Iraq where there is a huge cesspool of decay and corruption that will just destroy the world economy. I can go on for hours.

Fred Thompson for President. Peace!

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