Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Elijah, Part IV: The Day of Amazing Things

Darling Wife is seen here holding Elijah as he comes out of the pool.

Not only does Elijah, stand up today... He took a few steps across the room. Forever linked to Barry Bonds hitting 756, who Daddy watched this evening via SlingBox. I had a hunch my son was connected with greatness and when I saw him walk, I knew Barry would hit it tonight. It just felt that way this evening. As a boy not much older than Elijah, I began being infatuated with statistics. I know a little bit a something about everything when it comes to stats. I always looked at the back of baseball cards and wondered who had the chance to beat Hank Aaron. Little did I know, I'd one day see it.

Say what you want about Barry, three grand juries have not indicted him yet so I am with the innocent until proven guilty crowd.

Typical Giants fan...
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