Monday, August 20, 2007

Keep Moving Forward

I was thinking today of all the people you have ever seen or met. Ever seen anybody that just amazes the hell out of you? Everything they do is completely awesome. And in retrospect, they sort of knew it. They knew they were the shit but hey... they did not have the ego to rub it in? Like John Lennon or like Paul McCartney... or someone political like Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton. (Give Bill credit man... the dude has charisma). Or even some teacher or some guy in class that had it, could do no wrong and had it all going for him. (John Tucker Must Die!!!)

I sadly am not one of those people... I thought I could be back in high school or early college but the shit never really panned out. I haven't amazed anyone or myself the way I planned it all out to be. Truth be told however, I think it's the next five years of my life where it's going to really change either socially, economically or dare say it spiritually in one way or another. I got a hunch man... It's coming, but I don't know. Of course I have thought this way a lot throughout my life.

"What's next?" I tell myself.

I think outward and above a lot. But actually hardest thing for me is moving forward to the next step or level. It's the process of a challenge. Facing a fear and going through it. The twist of your gut. The shakes and cold sweat. Overcoming an obstacle to keep moving forward as one of my all-time film heroes says in the movie clip on top. A lot of my life nowadays comes down to big meetings and really big do or die situations. I don't do... I fail. But failure is not an option. I keep moving forward. The outcome I may seek on any given day may not be pleasurable or even self fulfilling. I may actually hate what I am walking into. But it's my life. And it's what I can control: To keep moving forward. Is it wrong to seek a win? Of course not... The seeking part is never hard.

Moving forward is never easy....

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