Saturday, October 20, 2007

Elijah Joins The Twisted Few

I wonder if El Jefe knows he has an under-aged member...? (Like the local sheriffs would care) Elijah is here checking out the Giant Fricken outside of the Twisted Oak Winery. I stopped in (finally) to pick up the latest bottle of "The Spaniard". 2005 Vintage, very tasty... Gonna let that sit on the rack for a bit until the next big summer barbecue. I can always get more though... for a while.

I couldn't pass up attempting this shot and it is too bad you cannot make out the old BMW 2002 in the background or the Frog's Tooth Winery sign. The seester-en-law and I wanted to head out and taste the wines here. We had not had a chance since they opened in August. Great selection. I don't know what it is with white wine lately but I picked up a Pinot Grigio and a Fume Blanc. The Fume Blanc was my favorite. I bought the Grenache too. One of the best up here in Murphys. It was a cool day so all of the wines tasted great.

Later on, I caved in the Murphys Village Toy Store next store and bought my son a toy truck that is really cool. I also picked up my salty Dutch Licorice at Nelsons.

Brisk day here in Murphys and lots of bright Fall colors. Great day to fly around in the Porsche with the sunroof open with the ass warmer seats cranked on five. I wish I had the 914 up so I could roar past all of the Corvettes that are up here for some Corvette show. Corvettes are over rated. I mean after about 1972 what is really new. The 80's 90' and late models look the same and are a bitch to see out of. My middle aged crisis car would will probably be a Cayman. If I can afford that car in a few years I am so buying it. $47,000 right now with similar engine placement and wheel base of my 914, who could go wrong.

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