Friday, October 05, 2007

Such A Caring Guy...

I never regularly read my horoscope. No reason really... I find horoscopes to be so arbitrary and vague that if you read one, any one of them and even if it is under another sign, you can make it your own.

Today on Yahoo, my mouse cursor rolled over this:

Capricorn (12/22-1/21)

You must regard a person you don't like as someone who is as deserving as you are.

What the hell is this? I don't hate a lot of people, Hillary Clinton and actually I can't say that I really hate anyone. True I have some competitors in my field that I can say I hate, but I don't wish them ill will because in the industry I am in, they may be working along side me in a few years. I think in those people what I dislike the most is when they succeed through ineptness. But really, "I wish them well" as my wife would say in a situation where she might reach the sometimes moral crossroad of classifying someone as a like or dislike.

When I dive into the idea of ineptness I think about the social issues people latch onto. The social issues that make up the people; the issues that actually develop them into a class of people. Vegetarians for example. I think vegetarianism er uh, even veganism is a truly honorable and passionate life style choice for people. It is a social thing, but it is a lifestyle people choose to be healthy and supportive of the animal world. They choose first to eat healthy, but the reason that backs it up to begin with is, and hear a lot them say this, is that they don't eat things with a face. Cows, chicken, fish... even eggs. And then a step further, they won't consume any dairy products; cow or goat. Animal cruelty truly becomes the cause that supports the foundation of their lifestyle. At some point it is more than their own health, rather its for a cause. Support of a cause starts to define you into a class of people.

Typically, people that live like this are part of a bigger class of people. There are some conservatives that live like this. But the majority are liberals. Not eating animals is considered "new age" or "cutting edge", even... dare I say spiritual. Spiritual in a sense that one is not conforming to some almighty God, but rather in a sense, of say Buddhism where one feels as they are more apart of this great big planet we live on. A sense of community and righteousness of how things should really be without all this chaos in the world. It's not a religion, but a spiritual well being, suffice to say... well being that becomes purity. It's this side of liberalism where one decides to be an activist. Activism good or bad, is what propels us forward as a society from either aspect. Without activism there would be no conservation of our resources. Transversely, without activism, there'd be no war. Humans are fallible... They cannot always decide right from wrong. They must live first.

Yet, I find one thing that totally conflicts with this earthy, oneness, vegan lifestyle: The Pro-Choice movement. The right to choose to destroy life, a human... All these people live for is to be healthy and caring for animals around the planet. Whales, Michael Vicks dogs, the protest at the local KFC... all they live for is to protect and defend life that is not human. And then, will turn around and stand up and actively defend the right to destroy an unwanted human life. It totally conflicts with the vegan lifestyle er uh, the vegans who are pro choice. Their compassion is lost right there because they totally conflict with animal life preservation. I could almost envy the spiritualism that vegans have but it is suddenly lost the moment they want to allow the taking of a human life, simply because it's unwanted. It's unjust and not right. It is in fact, morally reprehensible. It is this ineptness of the vegan lifestyle that my horoscope at the top is asking me to treat as deserving. But it does not deserve my attention. A lifestyle that conflicts with humanity and the morality of the right thing is not worthy of my attention.

Time out.... Time out... Time out...

I got you... I got all of you reading this. This entire post is bullshit. I thought about this last night before I sat down to write this today. Could I write a post that was purely over the top? Purely one-sided that steer one direction and one direction only. Yeah... Quite easy for me. If I take the time, I can hook someone with a passionate piece of writing. Anyone in fact can do this. This goes to the Penn & Teller video I have posted below. It is not similar though. On the one hand, I got some of my readers to agree with me. On the other hand, I got most of my readers really pissed off at me. This is the blogger's biggest problem and why this blogging thing is so screwed up. All these sites spring up that are overtly opinionated. And then the opinion of the writer gathers some steam. A few people spot it and hang on. At that point, a good writer with an ego or who deep down inside is full of himself... which I am guilty of, and Teeny is going, '"I know, seriously" can take on a messiah complex. Everyone wants to be a messiah even if no one is really listening. The scary thing is when someone is. When someone is hooked on every word that guy says. There are millions of blogs out there and there are thousands of them saying careless shit all over the internet. What scares me is that we as a society may steer ourselves away from what is reality because of some "free thinkers" out there from both sides of the political, social and ideological landscapes without as knowing. Free speech is a wonderful thing and I hope that right is never taken from me. But I think sometimes, we all got to sit back and wonder what we are saying to each other.

I wish you all well today.... :)

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