Monday, October 01, 2007

The Troubling News Out Of Malibu

Britney lost her kids to Kevin Federline.

I am sorry but, I really thought they should have been given to that Chris Crocker kid who seems to be making a bit more money these days than Kevin or Britney.

But serious, Federline or Spears? Which is the lesser of two evils? First you got a guy who is a nobody who is either extremely fertile or is someone who has his a way claiming to be allergic to latex to every woman he meets as a play on their sympathy to bump uglies. He's got four kids and no other income other than what's left in Spears bank account. I guess the judge would rather take a chance with him instead of the ghost riding freight train who can't seem to stay on the tracks. I mean, he's nothing. Who is going to pay him for anything beside the local burger stand? And he'd be good at the burger thing because if there is one thing this kid is good at, it is setting up Federline franchises.

Then there is Spears... who makes makes millions in royalties still across the globe. Yeah, she might have a taste for the powder but that can be easily overcome with whitewater landscapes of southern Utah. Just ask Lindsay who is yet to reappear as a law abiding citizen. I'm pulling for that Red Head.

As far as Britney though I personally, don't care either way... but I think the chick can actually survive the train wreck and be a better custody holder than Federline (dude's from Fresno). She gets clean, starves herself and hooks up with the right producer (T-Bone Burnett..LOL!!!) I think she can pull through and recapture the magic that could easily slip away to one of Billy Ray Cyrus's dumbass kids. (Wow! Talk about flash in the pan)

My last thought on this is.... yes, this has been a slow news week for Steve's Blog. I have had nothing to say and it has bugged the shit out of me. I'll get it back... you'll see!

PS; (I personally will give Radiohead $20 for their new album so I can make up for all the bastards who donate 1 cent to them to "steal" their great music.)

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