Monday, February 14, 2005

Free Speech VS. Hate Crime: The Pearcy Soldier Effigy

Peaceful Marty Way, with News Crews and traffic galore. Thanks to Steve and Virginia Pearcy!

I live like 10 blocks away and my previous post sort of went 50/50 on this subject. On this post, I would like to make a clear understanding of why I think the Pearcy's attempt at free speech is nothing short of a hate crime with the soldier effigy on their house, you can see in my previous post. But I'd also like to point out how lame some people were on the other side of the political landscape in nearby Placerville.

First the Pearcy's. Free Speech allows you to say how you feel, correct? In regards to protest, this means you can say and state your case for whatever your opinion may be. Words and speech are commonly expressed with tabloids, commercials, bumper stickers, signs, public gatherings, lawn signs, editorial news reports, blogging and many other print and speech forms that exist today. When is it going too far though? It's when you intentionally degrade a general group of people commonly linked by race, religion, sexual preference and national origin. Showing bias against one's homeland, (ie. National Origin) in a negative way can be a hate crime. Especially with images of death and destruction. This where Steve and Virginia Pearcy have crossed the line with their form of what they believe is free speech. The American Soldiers are being used to promote their hatred of President Bush. This in and of itself is not a crime. But hanging a soldier as graphically as shown on the side of their house, with a noose, and an American Flag shoved in the soldier's helmet is a clear destruction of character of the American Soldier for political gain. Hate crime? Talk to the disgraced American Soldier who emphatically disagree with the Pearcy's. American Soldiers are volunteers, serving your country, defending your life and well being. A commendable job in my book.

Funny. I just opened a fortune cookie. It says,"Power does not corrupt men, but fools corrupt power." The power of free speech does not make us corrupt. But there are fools who are corrupting the power of it, to do something as the Pearcy's did.

The right to assembly has also spurned some hate crime at a parade in Placerville this weekend. Gay marriage. An issue I am against for personal reasons, not religious ones but I am not at liberty say why here. Some liberals are up at arms about this one and yes, even this conservative blogger is agreeing them. Though I agree with the protest, I emphatically against anti gay marriage advocates using the opportunity for hate. On the side of a truck this weekend was posted, "God hates Gays" with some pretty graphic hate filled imagery. If the Pearcy's symbol is a symbol of hate then that truck sign in Placerville is just as bad and people should agree both are abuses of free speech. So am I wrong? (A recommend reading the Sacbee article I tagged above)

On a lighter note... A Bush supporter is using his or her right for free speech by plastering the Pearcy Home on Marty Way with some cool words and a Bush sticker in the window. Note pictures below. Also note in the picture above that I took, the neighbor has put up an American Flag. You think he hates the Pearcy's? Here are the pictures:



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