Saturday, July 22, 2006

Clerks 2: Why Being A Slacker has it's Priviledges!

We got to the movie matinee early and sat in the back of the theatre. Usually we only go to a movie if it has consistently good reviews from all the major players. Our buddy, Ebert is still out, though I think he would have rated this movie high. Joel Siegel ripped the movie and even stormed out of the critic's screening. You can hear Kevin Smith tearing up old man Joel on the radio here. Or you read Kevin Smith tearing into Joel here on his ViewAskew Website. Whatever, they are critics and I shelled out $28 bucks for some cheap tickets and over priced Popcorn and soda.

I am not gonna tell you what Clerks 2 is about but if you liked Mallrats and the first Clerks, you'll love this flick. It is absolutely hilarious. Jeff Anderson should be nominated for an Oscar for his role as Randall Graves. The stuff that comes out of his mouth is absolutely priceless and too much to remember so you have to see it again. It's definately on the movie list for Christmas.

Dante (not Braxton, pictured in the post below) and Randall are my generation. There is a lot of me out of both of them. The feeling of waiting to do something big with their lives but being so cautious about it that they don't want to shed their own vunerability. In the end of the movie they finally get what they both want. How they get there is indescribable really. Let's say it involves a Donkey in a fast food restaurant and that is about as much as I will say about it.

Being that slacker though at 32 years old, like these guys, would be an enviable postion for me. No responsibilty other than work. Good friends and the unique ability to entertain themselves over trivial things in life. Sometimes you wish that can be you. Doing some menial job, for low pay with no car payment, mortgage or any real debt. How amazing would it be to just pour someone's coffee or wash someone's car and then bitch at them when they leave the place for their faults? Of course, how could I trade what I have. I am lucky. My wife is just as lucky. We work hard everyday to achieve some level or bar we set for ourselves. And everything is worth it, except just for a short time, I'd like to go back to that... just waiting on people in thirty second increments and having utter distain for their flaws.

Sounds like fun to me... If you like Kevin Smith, he's made a great comeback with Clerks 2.


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