Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's Time to Focus

Kitten comes in close...

I started pain management and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The doctor was pretty cool and he sat and answered every question he could. Plus I get to take a new drug called Neurontin to hopefully halt all this stuff in a few weeks. Basically, it'll calm my nerves down so they are not so inflamed with pain. Whatever happened, golf wasn't the cause, my job or driving wasn't the cause, it's just some premature aging in my neck. They can't figure out what's tripping the nerves in my arm and leg but hopefully my new friend, Neurontin will help. I start off with 2 a day and then ramp up slowly every three days until I get to 9. Sounds like a lot but by the time I get to 9, I think they'll switch to 3 1000mg instead of 9 300mgs pills. The medicine is actually made for seizures, which I do not suffer or have never had but helps knock down long term pain. Oh, and one other neat effect, it treats Bi-Polar Disorder, which, I don't have either, but if I do, I'll mellow out... AND I get to see a Psychologist... WooHoo... (sup Tina!)

In other news, the baby turned today for the "off ramp" so we're getting closer to the end of my natural life as I know it. I have to learn the following things:
  • Tolerate strange smells made from feces wrapped in disposable clothes. I must keep the mindset that nothing will ever smell worse than that food people cooked in their garages back in Daly City next to their ping pong tables. I swear, I don't know what it was. But it surely stank real bad!!!
  • Unintelligible mumbling. I started to listen to Air America's Randi Rhodes so I can get used to incessant whining and mumbling for no reason other than to whine and mumble. (Anti-liberal comment of the day, lawryde...Let's see it:))
  • Drool. I really hate other people's spit. Seriously. Ask my Darling Wife.... :)
  • Insomnia. Well... 6 months of practice there. Amitryptyline anyone?
  • Dependence on me. No one has ever depended on me before until now. I have to learn that somone else is depending on me to come through.
  • A complete end to swearing while playing my Xbox 360, working on my home improvement projects or talking to my buddies on the phone.
  • To stop feeding beer to small animals. Can't teach any bad habits to the little one.
  • To stop playing with fire. I can put a candle out with my bare hand and not burn myself. But can he? Let's not try.
  • No more trips to the Emergency Room. Which means, I need to stop it with the concussions and excessive vomiting during flu season or hurting my back anymore than it is. I need to leave the vomitting up to the kid for awhile.
I am sure it is gonna be a helluva ride.

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