Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th, 2006: A Hundred Highways

Cash Lives On

It's been over 2 years now since the world lost Cash and thanks to his producer Rick Rubin, some of the last recordings of Cash are now available on American V: A Hundred Highways. From what I have read, Cash was in a wheel chair and nearly blind from diabetes. What he still had to the end, was his passion to keep recording and keep going. I think if you are a big Johnny Cash fan like I am, you definately need this collection.

The first song "Help Me" features a quiet arpeggiated guitar, Cash's gravelly voice and a Cello. This song it me pretty hard when I heard it. That first line, "Oh Lord, help me walk, walk just another mile... I'm tired of walking all alone" And the second line... "Oh Lord, help me smile, another smile, just one more smile... I don't think I can do things on my own" and the final line in the verse, "With humble heart on bended knee, begging you please for help" I swear... It just tears you up to hear this song.

American V is much better than the rest of the set because the songs are not as familiar. There is no "fitted" cover like a "Bridge over Troubled Waters" like was on American IV. The album is definately darker than the rest of the American Recordings set with Rick Rubin. We are fortunate enough that Cash left this set of songs, reminding us all that he is the man in black.

A real fan should not miss this cd.

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